Devilish Ham

This devilish ham recipe is a delicious appetizer featuring ham from the deli, zesty pepper and onion relish, and tangy horseradish combine with smooth mustard mayonnaise all stuffed into velvety egg cups and topped with smoky paprika dust.


1 lb.

Ham lunchmeat, from the deli, medium sliced


Eggs, hard-boiled, cut in half, yolk removed and set aside

1/4 cup

Zesty pepper and onion relish, prepared

2 tsp.

Horseradish, prepared

1/4 cup

Mustard/mayonnaise dressing, prepared


To taste paprika, dry


To taste salt and black pepper


  1. Dice ham. Combine together the egg yolks, ham, relish and horseradish with dressing in a mixing bowl, set aside.

  2. Place egg cups on a clean work surface and fill each cup with egg yolk mixture, sprinkle paprika on top and serve chilled.