Chicken and Stuffing Rolls

Fresh sliced chicken lunchmeat with delicious stuffing and gravy makes for the perfect on-the-go meal.


8 slices

Chicken lunchmeat, from the deli, sliced fairly thick

1 box

Stuffing mix

1, 12 oz. jar

Homestyle chicken gravy


  1. Prepare stuffing according to package directions and let cool slightly. Meanwhile, heat jar of gravy according to instructions.

  2. Lay out a piece of lunchmeat, with a spoon put about 2-3 teaspoons of stuffing on one end of the chicken. Starting the stuffing end, roll meat into a log and place seam-side down in a microwavable baking dish. Continue with remaining lunchmeat slices.

  3. Pour heated gravy over the chicken rolls. If desired, heat additionally in the microwave or oven.