Chicken Tender Fried Rice

Skip the takeout line and make your own fried rice at home. This delicious recipe only needs 5 ingredients and can be served in just minutes.



Chicken tenders, from the deli


Microwaveable bag Asian medley vegetables


Eggs, beaten

2 Tbsp

Soy sauce, divided


Microwavable pouch white or brown rice


  1. Open the pouch of vegetables and pour in the beaten eggs, then 1 tablespoon soy sauce. Heat for around 6 minutes in the microwave, stirring half way through. Reserve.

  2. Open the pouch of rice and pour in soy sauce. Heat for around 90 seconds in the microwave. Fluff with a fork and reserve.

  3. Warm the chicken tenders in the oven or in the microwave if needed. Once warm, sliced into strips.

  4. Assemble the fried rice dish by placing the warmed rice on the bottom of the plate. Top with the egg/vegetable mix, then the sliced chicken tenders. Serve the dish warm.