Just Add Deli - Simplify Mealtime

Just Add Deli - kid's edition!

The deli is simply the greatest find for parents, any day of the week! You’ll find food that kids love – chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, deli meats, and fun sides. But these turn out to also be the perfect starting point for a meal that breaks out of the usual fast-food mold, while keeping it quick and easy for you.

What kid wouldn’t love these terrific and easy ideas?

Hammed-Up Pinwheels Hammed-Up Pinwheels
Chicken Parmesan Hoagies Chicken Parmesan Hoagies
Chicken BLT Club Pizza Chicken BLT Club Pizza

Balanced meals are so easy – and they won’t even mind eating their vegetables!

Chicken Ranch Pitas Chicken Ranch Pitas
Chicken Fruit Salad Chicken Fruit Salad
Skillet Sesame Chicken Skillet Sesame Chicken

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