Winter Break Activities the Kids will Love

If you have kids, you know winter break is a much-anticipated vacation time. has some quick tips for ideas to avoid any instances of kiddos complaining of boredom.    

Check out what indoor activities your city has to offer like bowling or hitting your local gym to shoot some hoops. Get out and get some exercise regardless of the weather.   

Find an ice rink near by and break out the skates. If you live in a warmer climate, find a place where you can roller skate or even hit the beach. The key here is to get out of the house!   

Create a play! Take your child’s favorite book and put together a play by turning socks that have long since lost their matches into puppets and setting up stuffed animals as the audience. It’s a silly way to spend an afternoon indoors.   

Cook together! Try these kid friendly recipes or even make ice cream out of snow! Check out’s Pinterest page for even more recipes or break out an old family favorite.   

Whatever you do for winter break, make it a time to remember with the kids!

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