Wings for March Hoops

Watching March Hoops from home? Enjoy the games with endless amounts of wings. We’ve got you covered when it comes to different wing flavors in the deli.

These Salt and Vinegar Seasoned Wings switch it up from the normal buffalo flavor. They create a salty flavor, plus a zingy tang.

Looking for the perfect sweet barbeque wings? Try our Southern Sweet Barbecue Sauced Wings. A blend of onion, tomato, honey and spices combine for an authentic southern sweet barbeque flavor.

Everyone loves a good hot wing. Give our Caliente Sauced Wings a try! This Mexican hot sauce is the perfect balance between hot and mild.

Check out your grocer’s deli to find the wing flavors they offer! Need to beef up your food spread for March Hoops? Sign up to receive meal ideas from

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