Spread Positive Vibes this Holiday Season

It’s the month of Thanksgiving, so why not spread positive vibes! Sure, you can do this with grand gestures but sometimes all it takes is a small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day. Here are a few ideas:   

Go out of your way for a coworker – If you know your colleague likes a special coffee or tea, pick them up a cup on your next break!   

Share the loaf – Are you making your homemade pumpkin bread or gingerbread cookies? If the recipe is fairly easy to double, make a few extra and drop them off for a friend.   

Help a neighbor – Whether you are raking leaves or wrapping up the lawn mowing for the year, offer to help your neighbor do the same.   

The more the merrier – If you plan to visit a pumpkin patch or go apple picking this fall, invite other family members or friends to tag along. You might just make someone’s day with a simple invitation.   

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to perform random acts of kindness, but now is the perfect time to give back and give thanks.

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