Quick and Easy Tips for Freezing Food

Need to make food stretch further these days? Here are some quick tips for properly freezing food. 

Quickly, safely and completely cool cooked food to avoid uneven freezing. If you don’t cool food completely first, it could throw off your freezer temperature and, worse, cause spoilage.   

For safe speed cooling, place a hot pan of food in a sink filled with ice for quicker cooling before freezing. If your sink isn’t quite large enough, place the pan of food in a larger pan filled with ice and water.   

Stir food, especially soup, occasionally during the cooling process to speed things up. This will also help cool the cooked food evenly.   

Freeze meal-sized proportions of food for quick meal reheating on busy nights. Labels and dates are always helpful too and you can organize them as such for easy options.   

There you have it. Four tips for easier freezing from DeliAnytime.com!   

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