Quick and Easy Food Tips

Looking for new quick and easy food tips. Here are four ideas for your reading pleasure:

It’s easier to cut meat for stir-fry or stew while it’s still partially frozen. Thaw the meat for a couple of hours and then slice and let it continue to thaw until it's ready to cook!

Microwave lemons for 15 seconds before cutting and you’ll get twice as much juice out of them. The heat helps break down carbohydrates and produces more juice from the fruit.

Spray the cheese grater with nonstick cooking spray to shred cheese easier. The spray will keep the cheese from sticking to the grater and causing an uneven cheese mess!

Microwave an ear of corn and it will be easy to remove from the husk. You can microwave for a few seconds to simply remove the husk or you can cook the entire ear of corn in the microwave and then remove the husk.      

These four tips are brought to you by DeliAnytime.com for your easy cooking enjoyment!   

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