Pantry Staple Items to Buy

When trying to make the most of your trips to the store, many people find it beneficial to stock up on pantry items that can be used right away or stored for later.  If you are looking for some key pantry goods to have on hand for a variety of recipes, we have found some great list ideas on Budget Bytes.  Their list includes:

- Dried herbs 

- Beans 

- Grains and rice 

- Crackers 

- Peanut butter 

- Applesauce 

- Cereal 

- Canned goods 

- Pasta 

- Nuts   

Food Network took the pantry list a step further as they considered their fridge and freezer as an extension of the pantry.  They offered up similar suggestions, but with additions like: 

- Ground beef, turkey or sausage 

- Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 

- Bread 

- Vegetables 

- Fruit 

- Dough: Pizza, pie or puff pastry

Above are just a few listed items but are a great way to start your next shopping list and get the wheels turning.  With a mixture of these and other items in your cart, you will be well on your way to a variety of recipes, snacks and meals that will satisfy the whole family.

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