Out with the Old

What better time to get organized! Embrace the decluttering by cleaning out those closets, drawers...and the kitchen. But first, stop by the deli and get some ready-made wings for dinner so when you're all done, you can enjoy fresh food without the fuss!

How about the kitchen? This room is probably one of the most utilized in the house. Most likely, the fridge, freezer and pantry are the busiest, most popular places in the house, and also the last to get the much-needed overhaul.

When was the last time you showed your spice rack some love? How about the drawer or container with all of your cooking utensils? Why do you have three jars of oregano from the last decade and five different spatulas? Perhaps it's time to toss past due spices in the trash and start a donation box for unused cookware. 

The freezer is a different story.  First of all, always make sure that your freezer is 0 degrees or lower.  Fresh meats have up to 12 months in their deep freeze home but most other foods only have 1-3 months.  Wrap foods properly and avoid putting warm prepared foods in the freezer.  This is a quick way to create freezer burn and you want that ready-made chicken to be easy to reheat and tasty to eat!

Finally, the fridge. Old containers can get stuck in the way back; past due foods can go to the land of the unknown. Do a quick once over to ensure you actually want to eat the things residing in your fridge. Once you've narrowed it down, organize items together like cheese, veggies, fruits, or drinks. Be sure to wipe everything down including the way-back and the drawers. 

In just a few steps, your kitchen will feel like new. Now, call the family down for some wings!

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