Make a Meal Plan

There are great tools that make meal planning a breeze like Evernote, Grocery IQ, Grocery Gadget or Shopping List. Here are some additional tips about planning weekly menus that will help you save time and money!   

Start small. When starting a new routine, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, so don’t plan meals out for the entire month or even the entire week. Begin by planning three to four meals for your week and write them down. This will help you assess which foods you have on hand and which ones you need to pick up or order from the grocery store.    

Make a list. Once you’ve decided on the meals you’ll cook this week, make a list of the ingredients you need. For one meal, you can pick up a Rotisserie Chicken in your grocer’s deli so that the only additional ingredients you need, will be for side dishes. has recipes for quick and easy sides too! Try the Fire and Ice Cucumber Salad or check out your grocer’s deli for ready-made sides.  Give your meals a new compliment without being in the kitchen for hours.    

Get Cooking. Decide which days you’re going to cook your meals. If you’re shooting for three or four meals for the week, leave a day in between to enjoy leftovers. This way you won’t be cooking every night of the week or wasting food, especially with extra mealtimes you're probably used to eating elsewhere, but now you're at home.    

Meal Planning can be a simple step to making mealtime more manageable. Spend less money at the grocery store and less time in the kitchen. Good luck!

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