Lunch from the Deli

Back to school is upon us, which means lunch solutions are a must. Never fear, has some great ideas for you this fall season.

Sliders are the perfect kid-sized sandwich and we’ve got lots to choose from: Bologna Sliders with lunchmeat, cheese and tomatoes; Chicken Sliders topped with a dill pickle; or these yummy Buffalo Boneless Wings Sandwiches.

You can’t go wrong with wraps! Here are a few to freshen up your meal plan: Yum Yum Chicken Wraps made with chicken tenders from the deli, Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps, or the quick and delicious Mexi-Rotisserie Wrap.

Don’t forget the snacks too. We have a few of those for you to try: Bologna Pickle Stickles, a kid favorite, or these boneless wing and apple treats, wrapped in bacon.

Your grocer’s deli is the perfect place to find ready-made meals or even ingredients for a quick and tasty lunch. Check out our meal ideas for more mealtime solutions!

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