Leap Year Recipes

Is the extra day in February throwing you off? If it’s one more day on your meal planner, DeliAnytime.com has you covered with plenty of ideas that require no cooking.  

Try a new salad like the Orange Pomegranate Tenders Salad recipe. This dish is fresh and flavorful. It features Tyson® Chicken Tenders on a salad of baby greens, drizzled with orange-pomegranate vinaigrette. This salad will have you thinking of summer days to come.

The Super Ham Hoagie is perfect for an on-the-go lunch or to pack for the office. Layers of thinly sliced Russer® brand ham off the bone and Swiss cheese are stuffed into a French baguette and topped with your favorite condiments.

Do you have some leftover rotisserie chicken from the deli? Whip up Chicken Fruit Salad in a flash. Full of fresh fruit and crunchy nuts, this salad makes for a delicious combination.

Simple recipes make for more family time. Check out more delicious, easy recipes in the No Cooking section on DeliAnytime.com

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