Just Add Deli to Simplify Mealtime

Summer is the season for easy meals and spending quality time with friends and family. Whether a get together for a holiday or a well-deserved vacation, deli can help simplify mealtime. Let’s kick things off with recipes for delicious summer salads:

Layered Buffalo Chicken Salad – our No Cooking Meal Ideas give you tons of options that are simply perfect for summer and this salad is no exception. Layer buffalo boneless wings from the grocer’s deli with lettuce and other veggies and top with ranch dressing with a kick of hot sauce.

Crisp Summer Chicken Salad – our Light Prep Meal ideas give you recipes that take just a little extra time. Your grocer’s deli removes a step in the process with tasty, ready-made chicken tenders. Just chop up the tenders, cook the pasta, and throw in the extras!

Chinese Chicken Salad Fried Wontons – if you’re looking to prepare a feast for the family, swing by the grocer’s deli to pick up a rotisserie chicken to make this From Scratch Meal Idea one step easier. Add other key ingredients like almonds, soy sauce, and cilantro and you’ll have a delicious meal in no time.

Explore other ways you can Just Add Deli to meal ideas to simplify your summer. Enjoy!

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