Just Add Deli to Recipes for Kids

Your grocer’s deli is the perfect place to find ready-made meals or even ingredients for a quick meal idea. Best of all, it’s kid-friendly too! Here are a few options to Just Add Deli to dinner, but keep it kid approved.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wraps are a great dish when you’re short on time but you want to be big on flavor. You can serve these up using chicken tenders from the grocer’s deli or swap those out with boneless chicken wings! They’re easy to assemble, so the kiddos can help too.

Even the most particular eaters tend to like chicken and cheese, so why not combine them into a pizza! The Chicken and Cheese Pizza is another quick and delicious dinner, and making it with rotisserie chicken from the deli will save you a step!

If you have kids, you know snacks are always top of mind. Try these tasty Bologna Pickle Stickles with three ingredients: bologna, pickles and fun. The kids will have a silly time assembling these tasty treats.

Go straight for the win with ready-made meals from the grocer’s deli! You can get chicken tendersboneless wings, or popcorn chicken and even pick up a couple of sides for a full meal. Just Add Deli to dinner tonight!

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