Just Add Deli to Pizzas

Everyone loves pizza but favorite toppings are as different as they come. Lucky for you, DeliAnytime.com has several delicious pizza recipes you can try. When you Just Add Deli, they become simple too!

Chicken Ranch Pizza requires some of the basics for the perfect pie. This pizza calls for rotisserie chicken from the deli paired with ranch, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes all atop a prebaked crust. A tasty meal in minutes!

Grilled Hawaiian Pizza is a summer favorite. With tangy bites of pineapple and tasty ribbons of ham from the deli, this pizza is a delicious dinner that’s ready in a snap.

The secret ingredient to this Meatball Margherita Pizza is not so secret: meatballs from the grocer’s deli! The classic margherita pizza toppings are all you need to combine and you’ll be ready for mealtime.

Don’t forget some other delicious pizzas this summer: Chicken Florentine PizzaChicken BLT Club Pizza and Portabello Pizzas too! Visit the meal ideas section for more recipes you’re sure to love.

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