How to "Staycation"

Spending your vacation at home can be just as relaxing as hitting the beach. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your “staycation.”

Take Time Out For Yourself

Plan to make no plans. Turn off your ringer and only check your phone every so often. Try to disconnect yourself from the busy-ness of the work world. Draft an “out of office” message for your e-mail so you don’t have to worry about checking out.

Feel Like You Are Away

Bring the beach to you. Whether that is lying out in the backyard with a beverage or picking up Island Chicken Wings from your grocer’s deli. Hire a service to clean your house. It will feel like room service. Pick up other prepared foods from your grocer’s deli so you don’t have to cook.

Bring The Spa to You

Soak in a warm bath with bubbles, essential oils or bath salts. You can even hire a massage therapist to come to your home. Bring the relaxing services for a full service spa right to you! 

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