Host a Football Party the Easy Way is your source for delicious tailgate recipes for fall football but we’ve also got some quick tips when you’re hosting the party. Here are four to get you started:

Be sure to have snack foods that aren’t too messy; Tyson® Boneless Wings from your grocer’s deli are a perfect option. You get the delicious flavor of wings without the mess! Get several different seasonings and sauces to please the whole crowd.

Think about seating ahead of time. If you don’t have many places for guests to sit, set up some chairs from other areas of your house or break out some folding chairs. Whatever you do, make your guests as comfy as possible so they’ll want to stay for the entire length of the gathering.

If need be, rearrange your living room around the party. For this get together, the television will be central. You’ll also want to be sure to have side tables for food and beverages so attendees aren’t stuck balancing plates on their laps.

Finally, save room in your fridge by using a cooler for beverages. You can also keep the cooler closer to the game viewing area for easy access so your friends don’t have to miss a minute of the excitement!

Now get ready to have some fun and root on your team!

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