Fun Winter Activities for the Family

The winter months can turn into a seemingly never-ending cycle of cold weather and indoor activities. Don’t let the boredom set in – for you or the kids! DeliAnytime has some fun winter activities for the whole family!   

Backyard ice candles are a family project that ice, snow and freezing temperatures will actually accommodate! Fill up buckets (like the ones you make sand castles in at the beach) with water and put an empty vegetable can in the middle. Be sure to weigh the can down with a few stones if needed, but not so many that it sinks below the water and then set the bucket outside overnight to freeze. The next day, remove the ice from the bucket and the can from the middle. The can will leave a cylinder-shaped space to insert a candle and set outside the following night to illuminate the yard. You can use food coloring in the water before it freezes to create different colors as well!   

Have a movie day, complete with a fort set up in the living room! Everyone can help make snacks to eat, like Warm Chicken Caesar Wraps, made with Tyson® Rotisserie Chicken from your grocer’s deli. Throw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor to build your fort and a comfy area where everyone can relax. Don’t forget the popcorn!   

Even though it’s cold outside, you can always bundle up and take advantage of the fun winter has to offer! Make snow angels, build a snowman or snow fort, or even do something as simple as catching snowflakes on your tongue. If you live in an area that doesn’t offer up a winter wonderland, visit a local ice skating rink or look for some ski slopes nearby for a family outing.    

Whether your fun is indoor or outdoor, don’t let winter get you down. Try some new activities this year and get the whole family in on the fun!

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