Don't get Stressed about Destressing

Spring and summer bring the promise of getting outdoors, which is also a great time to destress from those winter blues. Given the challenges we're facing globally, we've compiled a list of great stress-relieving techniques that take less than five minutes each!   

Designate a stress buddy. Sometimes you just need to vent! Establish a network of friends that are designated stress-buddies with whom you can call and share your woes. This sharing helps you both not only feel better, but also build a stronger bond. 

Break out that smile. It may sound silly, but smiling even when you are not happy can instantly improve your mood. Instead of tensing up the next time you feel overwhelmed, try putting on a smile. You will not only feel better but also uplift the spirits of those around you.

Utilize sweet scents. Certain fragrances help calm, energize and revitalize us; that’s what aromatherapy is all about. Lavender is soothing and peppermint can increase your focus. Keep a stash of your favorite scented products handy to help you through those high-stress moments.   

Visualize a peaceful place. Use your imagination to visualize the most peaceful place you can. It can be waves crashing on the beach, rolling hills or even a familiar childhood room. The place should make you feel relaxed, safe and secure. Use this space anytime you need a brief escape from reality.   

Stretch it out. When you feel tension building in your daily life chances are it is also building in your muscles. Take time to stretch out the stress! Whether you start or finish your day with some light stretches or doing some neck, arm and chest stretches at work, the relief your muscles feel will carry over to your mindset.   

Tune in to help tune out. Music has a powerful affect on our mindset. The next time you are feeling stressed turn on relaxation tracks to help mellow your mood. Choose the music you find most relaxing, whether classical, jazz, instrumental or something else, and keep it handy on your favorite listening app on your mobile device.   

Try out these stress-relieving tips from and relax your way through the day!

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