Delicious Pizza Recipes

Let's get creative with five delicious pizza recipes for you to try with help from your grocer’s deli. 

Apple, Brie, Walnut and Rotisserie Chicken Pizza – try something new with this mix of Rotisserie Chicken, creamy Brie cheese, sliced apples and toasted walnuts all atop a crispy flatbread. 

Pizza Burgers – if it has pizza in the name, it must be good! Our chef invented this delicious blend of Pepperoni with ground beef, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce for a delicious and different dinner break. You can even use ready-made meatloaf from the deli!

Meatball Margherita Pizza – meatballs top this Margherita pizza for an unexpected and tasty pie and, with only four additional ingredients, you’ll be on your way to a quick meal for the whole family.

Open-Faced Chicken Pizzawiches – these are simple and individual pizzas so the family can pick their own toppings. If there’s a picky eater in your household, this is the recipe for you!

Chicken BLT Club Pizza – with the traditional BLT toppings and a rotisserie chicken from your grocer’s deli, this pie is simple to assemble and it will taste like a gourmet pizza any night of the week!   

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