Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Well, it’s an interesting time for us all. With COVID-19 being a top concern across the globe, is offering tips to help keep you safe and feel good about the most important place in your home: the kitchen!

Group tasks together to clean areas of your kitchen that you use frequently but require less scrubbing. Wipe down appliances, sugar and flour containers, stove, oven, countertops and cabinets. For most of these chores, good ol’ fashioned soap and warm water will do. If you use cleaning sprays, be careful not to spray on food or areas where food will later have direct contact. Also, be sure to dry everything thoroughly.    

During day-to-day life, especially with the whole crew home 24/7 right now, things can get out of order quickly in your kitchen. Reorganize pots and pans or other cabinets you frequent. If you still have the slow cooker sitting out from dinner a few days ago, put it away until the next use. Any old storage containers that have become worn out can be tossed into recycling and replaced at a fairly minimal cost in your next grocery order. It’s probably also a good time to clean out the refrigerator. Containers that have been shoved to the back and hidden away should be sorted and thrown out if they’ve reached their expiration dates. Take the time to wipe down the door and shelves inside the refrigerator as well.    

Finally, hit the heavy duty areas. When is the last time you wiped off the top of your refrigerator? Or cleaned out the inside of utensil holders and drawers? Be sure to wash out the sink too. Go ahead and clean the trashcan inside and out while you’re at it. Again, you can use soap and warm water for these tasks, or cleaning spray as well. Finally, you’ll want to mop the kitchen floor for the finishing touches. And, there you go! Your kitchen should be restored to it’s normal, orderly and clean self…until the kids want a snack anyway!

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