Creative Ways to get the Whole Family Outdoors

Everyone's home. You hear too often of a parent’s frustration about kids spending too much time inside and on the couch, mostly glued to an electronic device. Research shows that children are spending half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago and 44 hours a week staring at electronic screens…yikes!     

Well, sometimes as parents, we just need a little help in the outdoors creativity department to get kids motivated. So, let’s kick that trend and head outside with some great ideas for kiddo fun!   

What kid doesn't love to play in a tent? Grab some washable pillows, old sheets and blankets, and build a fort to hang out in, read, or just catch a break from the sun. 

Do you have a music lover in your crew? Create a homemade stage and make instruments out of old buckets or boxes and put on a performance for the ages. Your kids can even create posters and tickets to the event to keep busy while you're on that conference call. 

Yard games? Yes, please. Set up obstacle courses, play some old fashion kickball, or simply toss a ball around. Take a step back every time you get the ball to see how far you can throw and catch before you have to start over. 

Oh, and don't forget the snacks. You'll definitely want some of those on hand to feed the famished crowd. 

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