Cleaning and Sanitizing Around the House

With the current COVID-19 issues, you may be starting to focus on the cleanliness and sanitizing around your home.  We all know the basics of where to start, like cleaning countertops, bathrooms and floors, but are there other surfaces that you should be concentrating on as well? If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, below are some tips and ideas to help get you started.

First of all, don’t forget to sanitize your phone.  According to Good Housekeeping, this single device might harbor more germs than you want to know about. Makes sense, considering we usually handle our phones many times throughout the day. 

Other ideas listed by CNN include sanitizing household items that you touch most often like light switches, remotes, doorknobs, toys, faucets, etc. These are all items that should be disinfected regularly but are most likely overlooked and not cleaned as often as they should be. If you’re one of the people working remotely right now, you may also want to consider wiping down your computer mouse and keyboard. 

Finally, while cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun at the same time.  How do you make a chore fun for you and the whole family?  Maid to Shine Cleaners suggests that you turn on some tunes and let loose! Let family members pick out a song to dance and sing along with while cleaning. You can also use the song as a timer for how long to clean an area to make sure that you are spending ample time cleaning but keeping moving (and grooving)!

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