Clean Out Your Closet

Did you know it’s clean your closet week? Do you have items of clothing that don’t fit or you never wear? Now is the time to finally check closet cleaning off of your spring to-do list! Try these simple techniques to make it a snap!   

Break it Down – Avoid pulling everything out at once with the intention of reorganizing it all. This tends to leave you out of time and with a mess! Break down the areas of your closet into smaller sections and tackle one thing at a time.   

Flip your Hangers – This is a closet organizer’s go-to trick! Take all of your hangers and reverse them so they are hanging backwards on the bar. As you wear your clothes, make sure to flip the hanger so it is facing forward again. At the end of the year you will know exactly which clothes you have worn and which ones can be donated!   

Trade with Friends – Host a clothing swap for those items that don’t quite fit or you are tired of wearing over and over again. Invite friends over and tell them to bring the clothing they no longer wear too. Make it a party with drinks and snacks and your friends will be happy to get new clothes without spending any extra money!   

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