Big Game, Tasty Snacks

With the Big Game fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing your shopping list for the main event: food! Here are a few delicious recipes from our Meal Ideas page to get you started!

First up is a favorite that’ll please any crowd, Game Time Boneless Wings. This classic is done right with Tyson® Chicken Wings paired with the best homemade sauces. Pick your favorite sauce, such as Red Chile Buffalo or Rattlesnake Ranch. Don’t be surprised if these are gone in a flash!

Next we have Meatball Pizza Bites. This is a great switch from the typical snacks you might find at a game party.  Our recipe comes with meatballs from the grocer’s deli, aided with fresh Parmesan and pesto for a fantastic Italian flavor. Make them complete with tasty marinara sauce for dipping.

If you really want to wow the fans, try these Cowboy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas. The deli makes it easy with Tyson® Buffalo Boneless Wings, ready-made from your grocer’s deli. Add black beans, green onions, Monterey Jack cheese, and a couple of limes to the mix and you’re ready to go.

The Big Game should not be without a delicious menu. When you make your next shopping trip, keep these tasty ideas in mind and be the snack time MVP.

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