Activities to Do at Home

With the current COVID-19 issues limiting everyone’s movements, you may find yourself running out of ideas of how to keep you and your family occupied.  Below is a list of activities to occupy your time while still maintaining social distance. 

If your family consists of just one or two people, there are plenty of options that you can do to keep busy during this hectic time.  Bring out some art supplies and create something new to get out of your head and keep your hands busy.  Try to volunteer virtually, as there are a lot of organizations that are looking for support.  Work your way through a cookbook to become more comfortable in the kitchen and save your favorites recipes in a journal.  Organize a virtual book club with friends to stay connected and finally get to read those books you’ve heard such great reviews about. Connect with nature by spending quiet time outdoors or starting your own garden. These are just a few ideas that we found on blogs from Blurb and House Beautiful, but of course there are many more.   

If your family includes children, there are additional ideas listed on places like Forbes. Some simple ideas include creating sock puppets, baking, board games, sidewalk chalk, and many others.  If you have already tried some of these options and are looking for something unique and new, we have gathered a few other ideas that may be great to try. Go camping in your backyard or living room.  Make your own musical instruments and put on a concert.  Host a cooking competition in your home against other family members.  Create an obstacle course and include the kids in deciding what obstacles to create.  Go on a scavenger hunt either around the house or outside. Take a virtual tour of different museums and national parks.  Create a comic book.  Make your own rubber band cars. Watch and learn about animals on various zoo webcams and social media channels. 

There are clever ideas available that would be a great way to pass the time.  There’s nothing better than creating memories together and having fun along the way.  So, what new thing will you try today?

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