Pressure Cooker Carne Asada

Make your dinner guests think you slaved all day on this easy three-step dinner.


3 cups

Tortilla chips, from the deli

3 lbs.

Top or bottom round beef roast, cut into quarters

1.12 oz.

Fajita seasoning


Lime, juiced

3 cubes

Crushed frozen garlic

2 - 12 oz.

Mexican beers


  1. Using the wire rack designed for the electric pressure cooker, place the roast on the top of the rack.

  2. Sprinkle the seasoning, chips, juice, garlic and beer over the beef.

  3. Lock pressure cooker and cook on high for 1 hour.

  4. Release pressure and let rest for 20 minutes prior to pulling apart and using as tacos.