Grilled Chicken Pasta

A quick and easy recipe, perfect for dinner tonight. Just combine bow tie pasta, grilled chicken, spinach, rosemary, Caesar dressing and top it off with Parmesan.


2 cups

Baked chicken, from the deli, diced

1, 8oz. package

Bow tie pasta

1 Tbsp.

Olive oil


Shallots minced

1/2 lb

Fresh sugar snap peas, trimmed and strings removed


Large carrots, thinly sliced

2 cups

Torn fresh spinach

2 Tbsp.

Fresh rosemary, minced

1 cup

Low fat caesar dressing


Freshly grated parmesan and rosemary sprigs


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions; keep warm.

  2. Add olive oil to large skillet, heating oil. Add shallots, peas and carrots. Cook 4-5 minutes over medium-high heat until tender crisp, stirring occasionally.

  3. Add spinach and rosemary. Cook for 1-2 minutes until spinach is slightly wilted. Add chicken and dressing; heating and tossing gently.

  4. Place on serving platter or plates. Garnish with fresh parmesan cheese and rosemary sprigs. Serve immediately.