Six Kitchen Tools for Dad

Men are taking to the kitchen like never before, thanks to culinary shows on the Food Network and access from your living room to popular chefs around the world. Novices in the kitchen and pro chefs have one major thing in common: they all need the same tools. So, here’s a list to get you started!   

Good, SHARP, knives. Skip the 12-piece knife blocks with random gadgets thrown in and start with a couple of musts: a chef’s knife (8” recommended) and a paring knife.  These are good multipurpose starters that you can build upon as your techniques (and your budget) grow.   

Cutting boards. You’re going to need a variety of these, and they really aren’t expensive, but worth it to prevent cross-contamination. Ideally, separate boards for different types of food such as meat, produce, seafood, poultry and dairy products are recommended. Rubber or plastic cutting boards are best as they are easier on your knives and simple to clean.   

Good pots and pans. This is a big investment, so start with a heavy-duty saucepan, probably a 2-quart will do, and a sauté pan. Make sure you get stainless steel or cast iron, as these are oven proof as well.   

Rubber spatulas. These guys are cheap so get several. Whether you’re scraping out batter in a bowl, scrambling eggs or stirring ingredients in a hot pan, this is your best friend. It’s also easy on non-stick pans to keep them scratch-free.   

Kitchen scissors. These aren’t your basic office scissors. These bad boys cut through anything from chicken bones and lobster shells to snipping off your delicate herbs. Remember, these need to be cleaned properly to avoid contamination and kept in the drawer for kitchen use only.   

Mixing bowls. This doesn’t need much explanation but a set of mixing bowls is a must. The kind with the rubber bottom won’t slip around while in use.   

So there’s the collective list of kitchen must-haves. Everyone has their favorite kitchen gadgets and necessities but this list will get you started on the culinary track of good eating!

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