Prepare for Your Turkey Day

Turkey Day is almost here and has some quick tips for Thanksgiving prep. Here you go:

Gather up your recipes so that you know exactly what you’re making. This way you can make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked and make any last minute trips to the store.

Get out any specialty items like serving trays, tablecloths, napkins or festive plates. You don’t want to have to run around gathering these items the same day you’re getting everything cooked.

Make room for leftovers by cleaning out your fridge a night or two before. You’ll be able to figure out what type of storage containers will fit best and take up the least amount of room.

Prep any extra tables or seating you have stored away. Break out the kids’ table and folding chairs, dust everything off and get the table settings organized so that all you have to do on Turkey Day is put the food on the table and enjoy!

Need some last minute recipes? Check out our Meal Ideas page for everything from no prep needed to from scratch recipes.

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