Pantry Must Haves has some great advice about foods to keep on hand for snacks, easy additions to recipes, or meals for unexpected guests. A few key foods will help you be prepared for any quick meal that comes your way!   

Frozen Peas – these are great to add to just about any meal. They’re especially good mixed in to pasta dishes. They’d be a delicious addition to the Easy Chicken Pot Pie.

Tomato Sauce – old-fashioned spaghetti is a quick and easy meal, but tomato sauce is also perfect to have around to add to sandwiches or make a pizza. Combine the two and try Open-Faced Chicken Pizzawiches!   

Rice – if you’re having a dish that requires rice, cook up some extra to store in the refrigerator. Rice can make a quick and easy base to many a meal, especially a dish like the Orange Teriyaki Stir Fry.

Rotisserie Chicken – pick up a Tyson® Rotisserie Chicken at your grocer’s deli to not only be the main protein for your meals, but also provide you with leftovers for soups and other dishes. Buffalo Chicken Pillows are a quick and delicious recipe for leftover rotisserie chicken.  

Check out our Meal Ideas for tons of tasty recipes. will help you impress even the choosiest kid or guest!

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