Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

You’re probably aware that Valentine’s Day falls this weekend, but the real question is are you ready for it? has some tips for last minute gift ideas that your partner will love!   

Cook up dinner: Everyone likes to be pampered, so pick one of our delicious recipes and plan a romantic dinner at home for two. This is a great way to avoid the crowds at restaurants and have some quiet time with your honey.   

Be a tourist: Plan an outing to all of the special places around town you’ve visited as a couple – where you met, your first date, and so on. Your significant other will love the trip down memory lane!   

Put it in print: If you’re like most people nowadays, you have tons of pictures…and they’re all in your smartphone. Get prints made of the time you’ve spent with your partner and put together a scrapbook to showcase your love.   

Go old school: At one point or another when you were a kid, you probably made your own Valentine’s Day cards with pink and red paper and white doily hearts. Swing through your local craft store and pick up the supplies to make a handmade, heartfelt card for your sweetie. It’ll be adorable and appreciated!   

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day show your love just how much you care.

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