Fun in the Sun

One of the best things about extra family time is the opportunity for cookouts and games in the backyard. Here are some ideas for fun games to play with the whole fam.   

Tarp Throw. With the use of an old tarp, a marker, scissors and a football, you’re ready to go for this game. First, you need to cut out different sizes and shapes in the tarp. Then, use the marker to set point values, making smaller holes worth more points and larger holes worth less. Hang your tarp up between trees or a fence and get to throwing! Toss the football for practice or make it into a game to see who can get the most points!   

Obstacle Course. Stick with the age-old backyard game success: the obstacle course. You can use pretty much anything you have hanging out in the toy bucket for this activity. Try hula-hoops that the kids have to hop through, a jump rope for a limbo area or sand buckets to run around like parking cones.   

Bucket Toss. Make a quick trip to your local dollar store for supplies like beach buckets and beanbags or ping pong balls. If you can't get out right now, see which old bowls and buckets you can score from the garage and use supplies from other games to bring it all together. You can set up the buckets in a line and assign them different point values: buckets further away are worth more points than those that are close. Take turns trying to get as many points as possible! The winner could even score a prize you also picked up at the dollar store or refurbished from the junk drawer.   

Whatever you do during this time, be sure to add a proper dose of fun to the mix.

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