Fun New Year's Party Ideas

It’s just about time for the last celebration of the holidays: New Year’s! To keep the seasonal cheer going, has some fun tips to help you ring in the New Year.    

Finger foods are the yummiest, so pick up a Tyson® Rotisserie Chicken from your grocer’s deli and whip up some tasty treats! Check out our Appetizer board on Pinterest for other yummy ideas!   

Create a specialty drink with fresh fruit or sherbet to add some color and fun to your party. We found this delicious lime sherbet punch on and – bonus! It’s kid-friendly too.   

Music is a must for a fun shindig. If you’re using sites like Pandora or Spotify to stream music for your party, ask each of your guests to pick a station when they arrive to the festivities. Then, let the party music shuffle through everyone’s favorites all night!   

Supply festive paper for all of your guests to write a letter to their future self. Then at your party next year, these letters will be fun for all to share! You can always send them home with guests if you share hosting duties every year as well.   

 Wishing you a very happy New Year from!

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