Four Basic Tailgate Tips has all the tips you need for a successful tailgating party. Let’s kick things off with four basic fall football tips!

Keep a storage container with tailgating essentials so you don’t have to pack it each time. Some of the basics could include sunscreen, hand cleansing wipes, tongs for grilling, condiments that don’t need refrigeration like unopened ketchup or hot sauce, salt, pepper or other seasonings, trash bags, and paper towels. Basically, whatever items you find yourself needing over and over when you tailgate!

Freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in your cooler. You’re packing them anyway, so why not put them to good use! When frozen, they’ll help keep other food items cold. When thawed, you’ll have cold water to drink later in the day. We call that a win-win.

Bring an empty plastic tub to transport any dirty dishes back home. This can include not only the plates you eat off of, but also dishes used to prep or cook food. This will save you money in buying disposable plates, cups and utensils for every tailgate party and it’s also a greener option!

Use thermoses to bring different soups on especially cold days. The thermoses will make it easier to transport soups, stews and chilis and will also spare your slow cooker for another dish.

There you go – four basic tailgating tips to make your fall football party a breeze!

Source: Buzzfeed

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