Fitness and Family Time Together

We are your source for family fun and food. Of course, it’s important to work in some exercise too so we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to step up your fitness without sacrificing family time.   

Walking is a super easy and affordable option for some healthy family time. You can stroll around the neighborhood or even venture to a nearby park or playground.

Bicycles are another great way to exercise and use an alternate form of transportation. Many cities have biking paths now, or you can explore different routes through your neighborhood. 

If you can't hit the beach, enjoy some backyard volleyball, toss a beach ball around or even challenge each other to races across the yard. Don’t forget easy snacks like sandwiches using lunchmeat from your grocer’s deli to refuel the family during an active day.   

Games like catch with a baseball or basketball are inexpensive and easy ways to get in some exercise too. They also come with supplies that are easy to transport – especially if your family decides to walk or ride bikes to the park!   

Wishing you happiness and health!

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