Essential Holiday Meal Supplies

Thanksgiving is all about family and friends coming together and giving thanks for the special things in their life. As we all know and look forward to, this holiday also involves a smorgasbord of food. Here are a few quick tips to help make your meal prep and clean up a breeze. 

Mixing bowls – With all of the pies, stuffing, side dishes and other yummy Thanksgiving foods, you’ll need plenty of bowls to mix up the ingredients without having to stop and do the dishes.

Serving spoons – If you’re hosting, be sure to have plenty of serving spoons for all of the recipes everyone will bring to share. Are you the one sharing? Make sure to bring your own serving spoon to help out the host.

Sharp knives – This is always a kitchen must-have, but with all of the delicate pies and turkey to carve, it’s important to have a set handy for Thanksgiving.

Storage containers – With all of the delicious dishes being served up, there are sure to be leftovers. Make sure your containers have tight lids to keep all of the tasty food fresh.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little things when preparing a meal like Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully these tips will make your day just a little bit easier.


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