A New Year's Menu

A New Year’s celebration should never be without food, so DeliAnytime has come up with a smorgasbord of delicious options that will be the talk of any party. Whether you’re a guest or the host this year, cook up some tasty ideas that’ll be sure to please.

Chili Lime Sauced Wings: Wings are a familiar party mainstay, but they should be anything but boring. That’s why we recommend turning up the heat just enough and impressing your guests with this delicious recipe.

Chicken Ranch Pizza: Few food options are as universally beloved as pizza. Impress your guests and give the delivery guy a night off. This recipe calls for a Tyson® Rotisserie Chicken and that means less work for you. Your grocer’s deli will be there to get you started!

Buffalo Shredded Chicken Dip: Every party calls for a tasty dip to greet your guests. Even better, this recipe can be in your slow cooker and kept there for the night, meaning you’ll be free to play host or just enjoy the party.

Party planning can be quite the process. Thanks to DeliAnytime.com, you can check meal ideas off your list. Browse more options, organized by No CookingLight Prep or From Scratch.

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