A Holiday All Month Long

Holidays are known as a time to bring loved ones closer together. Opportunities for family activities are everywhere during this December month, so here are some favorites to help you and yours spread holiday cheer.

Movie Nights: Pick a few evenings where you and the family choose a movie. Gather together, add hot chocolate and close out your week with a holiday classic. This is a great way to liven up your living room and relax with the ones closest to you.

Cookie Exchange: With dough and ingredients at the ready, let each family member create their own signature yuletide cookie. This is a fun opportunity for kids and adults to put their own stamp on the holidays and satisfy the sweet tooth all in one. You can also spread the fun by inviting a neighborhood family or friends.

Holiday Helper: Choose a family in your neighborhood and be their Holiday Helper this year. The kiddos can take part by helping to pick out gifts. Schedule a time when you can stop by and leave the presents on the doorstep, either leaving a greeting or remaining anonymous. A little bit of caring can go a long way this holiday season.

One way to draw out holiday cheer in your home is to emphasize its value all year round. Make it a point to spend time with loved ones and give these suggestions a try!

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